Al Resalah International School of Science is a Private school founded in 2003 and caters to more than 1300 students from KG to Grade 12. Teaching Jobs in RISS Dubai are open now, which is a US curriculum school and is accredited by Cognia.

RISS is an SAT exam center, IELTS test venue, and IC3 authorized center. The Al Resalah staff are carefully chosen and trained throughout the year to ensure that our students receive the best education in a safe environment. RISS is now hiring and actively seeking talented individuals to join their team.

Open Positions are:

  • 1. Math Teachers
  • 2. Science Teachers
  • 3. Biology Teachers
  • 4. Chemistry Teachers
  • 5. Arabic Teachers
  • 6. Homeroom Teachers
  • 7. ART Teachers
  • 8. ICT Head of Department
  • 9. Librarian/ Good English Skills
  • 10. Assistant Teachers
  • 11. Male Nurse
  • 12. Male Social Worker
  • 13. Social Studies Teachers/MOE Subject
  • 14. Humanities Teachers
  • 15. Economics Teachers
  • 16. Physics Teachers
Teaching Jobs in RISS Dubai

Facilities at RISS UAE:

Al Resalah International School of Science has 3 outdoor play areas and 3 big indoor gyms. Our sports facilities include provision for field games like football, basketball, handball, and badminton.

Our learning environments include our resourceful School Library which has more than 3000 books for our students and staff, 2 well-equipped Art Rooms, 5 Computer Labs, a Chemistry Lab, a Physics Lab, and a Learning Resource Room. We also have a Sensory Room for students with special educational needs. Each section also has its designated Activity Room. I hope this info is useful for you before applying for Teaching Jobs in RISS Dubai

RISS is situated at Al-Azra area – Sharjah

Al Resalah International School of Science – Sharjah, was established in 2004. The school provides an American curriculum that follows the California CCSS, underpinned by traditional principles and Islamic values. The school provides a safe, secure and supportive learning environment with a continued commitment to excellence and wellbeing in a community setting. The aim at RISS is to provide students with an accredited and quality education, through a broad and balanced curriculum, which encompasses culture and tradition whilst developing a holistic growth mindset.

Before you apply for Teaching Jobs in RISS Dubai, you must know that RISS is located in a strategic location between Sharjah and Ajman and is very close to the Dubai exit. If you require any assistance finding us, we are always happy to help.

Where to Apply?

Send your CV with Proper Subject Name at: [email protected]

How to Contact RISS?

Click on the Link to find Contact Numbers of RISS for further information:

TIPS Before applying for Job in Dubai

Understand the Market:

Research the education market in Dubai to understand the types of schools, curriculums, and teaching positions available.

Meet the Qualification Requirements:

Ensure you meet the necessary qualifications for teaching in Dubai.

Prepare Your Documentation:

Gather all necessary documents, such as your degree certificates, teaching certifications, and work experience letters.

Search for Job Openings:

Use reliable job portals and websites to find teaching vacancies.

Craft a Strong CV:

Highlight your skills, talents, and experience in your CV. Avoid common mistakes and ensure there are no gaps in your employment history.

Write a Compelling Cover Letter:

Your cover letter should highlight your qualifications and enthusiasm for teaching jobs in Dubai.

Prepare for the Interview:

If shortlisted, prepare for the interview, which may be conducted via video call or in person.

Understand Immigration Regulations:

As an educator planning to work in Dubai, you will require a work permit and residence visa, which your employing school will typically help you obtain.

Negotiate Your Contract:

Once you receive a job offer, negotiate your contract to ensure it meets your needs.

Respect Local Customs:

Understand and respect the local customs around modest dress, public behavior, and social etiquette.

Common Issues in Dubai with Solutions


Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world with an incredibly low crime rate. However, it’s always good to stay aware and take basic precautions.

No Income Tax:

While there’s no income tax in Dubai, the cost of living can be high. It’s important to budget carefully and consider all living costs.

High Standard of Living:

Dubai offers a high standard of living, but this can come with a high cost. Be sure to factor this into your budget.

Job Opportunities:

There are plenty of job opportunities in Dubai, especially for expats. However, competition can be fierce, so having a solid CV and networking can be beneficial.

Adjusting to Culture:

The UAE operates on Islamic traditions and values. While you’re not advised to follow the rules of the Muslim religion, you must respect them. Learning about the local culture can help with this adjustment.


Finding a place to stay that’s near essential places like markets, hospitals, and your workplace can be challenging. Consider using a real estate agent or online platforms to help with your search.

Cost of Living:

The cost of living in Dubai can be high. It’s important to budget carefully and consider all living costs.

Building Relationships:

Building new relationships in a new city can be challenging. Joining local clubs or groups can be a great way to meet new people.

Extreme Heat:

The heat during the Dubai summer can be extreme. Staying hydrated and avoiding the sun during peak hours can help manage this.

Political Outlook:

While Dubai is generally stable, the political outlook can sometimes be uncertain. Keeping up-to-date with local news can help you stay informed.

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