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Guide in English

What is minimum Salary Requirement for Loan?

  • For Govt. employees it is PKR 5000/- (monthly salary is directly credited to his/her account at NBP)
  • For rest of Salaried Class minimum net take home is PKR 10,000/-.
  • For Business Persons & Self-Employed Professionals minimum net take home is PKR 15,000/-.

What is the Age Requirement of Naya Pakistan Housing Loan Scheme 2021?

  • From 22 Years to 59.5 Years for salaried class: The minimum age is 22 years for salaried class at the time of applying for the financing facility and the financing facility should expire at maximum age of 59.5 years.
  • From 21 Years to 65 Years for Business Persons; Self-Employed Professionals minimum age is 21 years at the time of applying for the financing facility and maximum age should not be more than 65 years at the time of the maturity of the finance.

What is the Length of Service/Business Requirement in Years?

  • Salaried Persons: 2 Years with same company OR more than 3 Years in Total.
  • Business Owners: 3 Years with the business, Proof can be given by NTN & Bank Account Details.
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Can financing under the facility be utilized for the purchase of plot?

A plot of land can only be purchased under the facility if a house is to be constructed on the plot and financing is meant both for purchase of land and construction thereon provided all other terms and conditions of the facility including maximum price of house and maximum loan under the relevant tier are complied with.

How can the first time home ownership be established?

In order to establish first time home ownership, financing bank will obtain an undertaking to the same effect from its borrower/customer with necessary provisions for termination of subsidy and other penalties, in case it is established at a later stage, that the borrower/ customer owned a house at the time of application for availing subsidy facility.

Is the financing also available for purchase of flat?

Yes, financing will be available for purchase of flat which meets covered area requirements specified for ‘apartment’ under the Facility.

Is the financing for expansion/extension in the existing housing unit allowed?

Yes, financing will be available for expansion/extension of existing housing unit provided the housing unit after expansion/extension falls within the criteria specified under the facility.

Can financing under the scheme be utilized for renovation of the existing residential unit?

No, financing for renovation of existing housing unit will not be allowed under the facility.

Is bank staff eligible to avail financing under this facility?

No, bank staff is not eligible under the facility.

What does new house mean in Naya Pakistan Housing Loan?

New house/ apartment/ flat means a unit not more than 1 year old from the date of application, as established by Completion Certificate.

Where \”Completion Certificate\” is NOT available, how we can gauge age of property?

In such areas where completion certificate is not available, valuation certificate issued by external valuers may be considered.

What is difference between Tier 1 (T1) and Tier 2 (T2)?

The residential units announced by NAPHDA fall under Tier 1 (T1). All other residential units with the same specifications/measurements fall under Tier 2 (T2).

In case the plot size of housing unit is 5 Marla but the covered area is more than 850 square feet, what would be its classification in terms of Tiers defined in the scheme?

The housing units of up to 5 Marla with covered area of more than 850 square feet and upto 1,100 square feet will be covered under Tier 3 (T3).

If the price of housing unit is greater than Rs. 3.5 million (say Rs. 4.0 million) but size of housing unit is under Tier 2 i.e. upto 5 marla with covered area upto 850 sq/ft. Will it fall under tier-2 or tier-3 & why? 

It will fall under Tier 3. In order for a house/ flat/ apartment to be eligible for under particular Tier, all criteria under that Tier has to be met. If any of the criteria exceeds prescribed limit, financing will fall under higher Tier.

What documents are required for Naya Pakistan Housing Loan Scheme?

For Non-Salaried

  • Standardized Loan Application Form
  • Valid CNIC of applicant & co-applicant (where applicable)
  • 2 recent color photographs (passport size) of applicant & co-applicant (where applicable)
  • Minimum 3 years proof of business for business individuals and 2 years proof of business for SEP (self employee professional)
  • Acceptable income proof (e.g. NTN Certificate/Tax Returns / Bank Certificate) or any other valid business proof which may be acceptable to the bank
  • Account maintenance certificate and last 6 months Bank Statement(s)

For Salaried Individual

  • Standardized Loan Application Form
  • Valid CNIC of applicant & co-applicant (where applicable)
  • 2 recent color photographs (passport size) of applicant & co-applicant (where applicable)
  • Minimum 2 years employment period
  • Latest Salary Certificate / Employment Letter mentioning employment details and joining date
  • Salary slip of last month
  • Account maintenance certificate and last 6 months Bank Statement with reflection of salary credits

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